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What UPC Offer

Forensic Witness

Forensic-level expert witness – we combine new data, writing skills, annotated diagrams, to create fair and true reports.

UPC’s fields of experience are:

  • Automotive – engine cooling, dynamic handling, fuel efficiency
  • Motor racing – single seater, uk circuits, race engine building
  • Fast sailing boats – catamarans, trimaran, aero & hydrodynamics, structures.
  • Medical device design- Inhalers, autoinjectors, syringe pumps etc etc.
  • Medical device manufacture – mouldings, springs, assembly machines
  • Fine particle science – lactose carrier and fine API mixes
  • Nursing – Surgery, post-surgical, A&E, Cancer treatment, Community
  • Welding – oil and gas field, offshore and onshore pipelines

In general we combine engineering with science and medicine , but with broad experience in all aspects of the fields with a combined ~100 years of combined hands-on experience.

We aim to produce new evidence and analysis to the metric of ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ in all our court work.  An expert opinion with thin or scanty evidence is often dismissed by a judge, the more so in a complex case with differing witness statements.  Our difference is that we will generate data in our laboratory to provide evidence to support the opinion given.

We serve the court to explain clearly and truthfully what we know. Under oath for UPC there is no alternative.

We fill our reports with new pictures using the latest digital photography, either visible or infra-red.   The top image is of a septum on a patch pump with a diameter of ~2.5 mm – the depth of field is enhanced using a digital stacking technique of multiple images at different focal depths.

The mid image shows a simple, transparent test setup leading to a balloon catheter. By varying the locking force on the clamp acting on the syringe the catheter tubing system integrity was tested. System integrity was key in this case.

The lower image shows a fast coupe car that was involved in a RTA with a motorbike.  Maths model reconstruction of the event using a time-stepping model was completed, along with three evidence-based observations to complete the ‘most likely event’ judged on balance of probabilities.

With more time on this RTA case it would have been possible to improve the statement to one of beyond reasonable doubt.

We have completed a number of civil cases as expert witnesses. We strive to provide evidence that is compelling ‘beyond reasonable doubt’.

Mr Treneman, as an expert witness, was recently under cross-examination remotely in the UK High Court of Justice (patents court).  Other cases undertaken have been in the middle east, Asia and US courts.

The final judgement extract opposite states ‘Mr Treneman also faced robust, sometimes very robust, questioning during cross-examination’. Over four hours of relentless attack was a mixture of exhausting and satisfying in being to help the court with the matter in hand.

For UPC development quality there is a knock-on effect from all the legal work undertaken over the last fifteen years – we do all our work with the possibility of defence in Court in mind.  Accuracy, clarity and brevity is of vital importance in our reporting.

Civil cases are judged on the ‘Balance of probabilities’. 

Criminal cases require evidence to assess guilt of the accused ‘beyond reasonable doubt’.

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