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Dementia: Facts

  • 1 in every 79 people, 1.3% of the entire UK population live with Dementia. It is the leading cause of death in the UK.
  • Approximately In the whole of the UK, the number of people with dementia is estimated at 850,000.
  • Dementia is not a disease itself; it is an umbrella term for symptoms and is caused by diseases of the brain such as Alzheimer’s and Lewy bodies.
  • The NHS spend around £34.7 billion a year treating people with this condition.
  • 60% of all people living with Dementia live in low- or middle-income homes. This diagnosis is expected to increase in the next 30 years. 
  • There are over 200 subtypes of Dementia, the most common being Alzheimer’s.

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