UPC Cambridge

ISO 13485 | Medical Devices Quality Management | MD 69713

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(In order of 2000 to 2020)

For the last two decades, we’ve been consistently delivering market-leading technology products to some of the biggest names in pharmaceuticals.

And with over two million of our medical devices used every day, there’s a high chance your life has been touched by us in some way.

We’re known to many as the go-to problem solvers of product design. Resolving issues at all stages – from concept to industrialisation — when others have long given up.

The Useful Product Company (UPC) was founded in 2000 in response to the market-push to add electronic clocks and gadgets to everything, often serving little purpose or improvement for the end-user.

In the last twenty years we have grown from a single employee working in a shared office just outside Cambridge, through to our new work home in a brand-new custom building in park land, surrounded by Suffolk farm land and wild-life.

The UPC team deliver excellent, reliable products and services, working in collaboration with our customers. Mutual success at every level is our sole purpose; our track-record of winning product launches is your evidence.

UPC are recruiting for new staff

We are always seeking to grow our team. If you would like to apply, please send in your CV to hello@upccambridge.co.uk