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The largest chasm in psychiatric medicine is tangible test evidence enabling a reliable diagnosis. Generally interview, observations and family reports join to form a beast guess. Psychiatrists are the senior service in Mental Health and in the vast majority believe in the Biological Model only, so daily medication and hospital sedation is the answer. 

EMDR offers permanent CURES for many MH diagnosis. £400 buys this smart-phone driven EMDR light bar for use typically by Clinical Psychologists. 
Daily MH Medications = 10% of UK scrips. 

  • UK 2010 £0.9 Billion
  • UK 2020 £1.2 Billion (+38%)

Antidepressants are the largest % growth in the UK Market. All Doctorscan prescribe them. 

Antipsychotics, Hypnotics and Anxiolytics, Mood Stabilisers  show some growth, but can only be prescribed by Psychiatrists. 
Treatment only – not a cure for Mental Health Issues. 

Small molecules, combination treatments, triples, 4 drug systems, soft mist nebuliser, low-gap propellants