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Rheumatoid Arthritis is a debilitating disease affecting all joints. Osteo (bone) arthritis weakens the bone itself. Treatment is limited to DMARD tablets or herbals, plus some biologics by self-injection. Research suggests random gentle movement of the joints reduces pain and swelling. Controlled, randomised gentle motion exercising machines are possible innovations to ease these conditions. 

RA affects 0.5% of the UK population – not enough to gain traction away from ‘orphan’ status? What innovation stimulus is needed? 

Low volume, non life threatening diseases such as RA are not so attractive to the larder pharmaceutical companies research teams. 

TNF inhibitors (DE2 Biologic – DNA branded Humira® (2006), using an injector pen is very expensive ($7,000 pcm US) compared with tablets ($360 pcm UK)

Humira made by Abbvie has – $15 Billion sales each year. (Humira is indicated for nine conditions, including RA.)