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Blood Sugar Levels

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Diabetes is on the rise everywhere (4% in the US over 20 years) – a Global Problem. T1 treatment was born at the University of Toronto 1920 where insulin was first isolated from animal pancreas and given by injection to T1 children, likely not to survive to adult-hood. In 2022 digital blood glucose meters are common place, and either injector pens of syringe pumps are T1 essentials. 

1985 – The MDI Novo Variable-dose injector pen was first to market. 2022 most pens are fully-disposable, rather than re-fillable. 

1992 – CSII treamtne started. 2022 skin-located Patch pumps or clothing located tubed systems are the common T1 choices. Minimed, Roche and Insulet dominate. 

Blood glucose Meters (BGM) are generally electronic fairly ordinary, but making the wicking strip with it’s on-board chemistry is the really clever part. 

Abbot et al ISF subQ wire patch systems are hugely popular, but need checking with standard BGM’s. 

Small molecules, combination treatments, triples, 4 drug systems, soft mist nebuliser, low-gap propellants