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Electric Vehicles

1993 California ‘zero emission’ state regulations to move pollution from Los Angeles valley to the power plant chimney. Toyota Prius petrol hybrid with small NiMH battery pack sells well to the eco-conscious.
2023 UK PM moves out the compulsory stop to fossil fuel vehicles in the UK…

Fossil Fuel

30% car efficiency typical

500m range

Tank full time – 5min

1.5 tonnes Kerb weight

Euro6 cars – tyre pollution ‘only’ left

All Electric

~65% car efficiency real world

150m range typical

Tank full time – hours

2.0 tonnes kerb weight


> weight = more tyre particle pollution

In the UK the government at the highest level was instructing the population to buy expensive battery electric vehicles (BEV), with the belief that technology will catch up quickly to both reduce costs and solve the Lithium toxic fire and water poison problem for end of life battery packs.  In contrast UPC proposes a UK centralised transport policy providing all-electric train and all-electric tram transport for the citizens of the UK by 2045.  Fossil fuel cars will remain a necessary requirement for those without access to public transport, such as those living in rural areas.

What is greener?  
A Prius running on synthetic wind electric fuel, or a BEV running on gas powered electricity? 

Small molecules, combination treatments, triples, 4 drug systems, soft mist nebuliser, low-gap propellants