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Asthma is an allergic reaction by the human body to airborne or contact particles. Daily medicine treatment is required, generally by deposition in the lung, aside from Merck’s tablet. The lung route for broncho-dilators using active delivery by propellant or portable nebulisers is effective upper airway emergency medicine. Inhaler systems are designed to deliver ~100ug in sub 3 micron particles to the lung periphery, there crossing the epithelium into the blood stream

Micronised dry powder is most often the active ingredient form for asthma treatments. Capsule systems require dexterity to use; open-inhale-close MDPl’s are more widely acceptable.

Some actives (API) are soluble in HFA so tend to favour the pMDI route, otherwise suspension formulations have to be developed. Liquid metering valve technology using low-GWP propellants is the low-carbon future. DDI breath-activated systems with counters are the most complex delivery DMDI technology electronic mesh nebulisers aside.

Small molecules, combination treatments, triples, 4 drug systems, soft mist nebuliser, low-gap propellants