Medical device design

Breakthrough solutions and trusted insight.

Inhalers & auto-injectors

Accelerating time-to-market for your medical device is tough.

And while it’s one of your biggest challenges, it also offers the biggest competitive advantage.

We have a track-record bringing technology to life in the shortest feasible time. In doing so we’ve delivered long-term revenue and global scale for our customers.

Fast + Agile + Flexible

Our highly experienced team know and understand medical technology. So you get safe, effective solutions that give users the best possible experience.

Which means when you work with us, not only do you get agility, lower risk and shorter lead times – you get peace of mind.

Our flexible approach to problem-solving cuts the time it would traditionally take you in-house, or via bigger companies with slower processes.

Whether you’re looking to explore opportunities, translate ideas into commercially viable products, or resolve a performance issue, we’ll get you from A to B, faster.

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Zero defects.
Zero product recalls.

How do you confidently reduce variations and costly errors?

With so many steps in product development, bottlenecks and waste are a common challenge.

Our in-house quality strategy improves development efficiency whilst delivering zero false positives.

When combined with Six Sigma principles, designed to create defect-free, safe and effective devices that generate healthy profit margins — the benefits to you are many.

Customer satisfaction + Peak performance + Outstanding profitability

You get zero defects. Zero product recalls. A clean bill of health from the FDA and a product that is highly sound.

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