From initial concept to transfer to manufacture

Effective, compliant, and profitable.

Technology development

We work with you to solve a specific technology issue, or provide a full life cycle design and development program.

When you partner with us, you can be confident your product will meet the complex balance of regulations, specifications and end user needs — something we’ve been helping major international pharma do for two decades.

Design verification

Verification failures are expensive, potentially affecting your market share and reputation.

Often it’s done poorly or too late in the development process, increasing the risk of compliance failure.

At UPC we remove guesswork with a design verification service underpinned with comprehensive testing facilities.

We build verification into every stage of your design. That way you’re constantly challenging assumptions — and moving forward with confidence.

Custom test equipment

Our custom test equipment service ensures you get the reliable data you need to verify your novel design.

How? We’re independently run, with our own cutting-edge facilities. There’s no separate acceptance testing to do before transferring your machine to a laboratory. So you save precious time and extra paperwork.

And as you’d expect, we’re here to help you with test feasibility, design and implementation, plus results interpretation and reporting.

We verify, qualify and help you from initial concept to transfer to manufacture — a one-stop-shop for all your design verification and custom testing technology product needs.

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