Design Verification Testing

UPC can offer the following testing and measurement services at our laboratories:

  • High speed video up to 500,000 fps, tracking of five motion points per frame, monochrome, eight synchronised videos in single frame.
  • Programmable Force displacement testing, compression and tension from 0.1 N to 2500N range, speed 1mm/min to 500 mm/min
  • Programmable Torsion testing, with complete or partial rotation reading down to 0.0003 Nm.
  • Programmable pressure decay testing, 14 bar maximum pressure, leak rate down to 0.001 Ml/min.  Seals or packaging.
  • Metrology – conventional, contact comparitor, optical 2D with feature auto detection at up to 100X magnification.
  • Weighing – 200 gm range at five places (10 Mcg) resolution.
  • UPC custom flow system – 0-50 lpm, -100 to 700 Pa reading.  Either auto-triggered over ramp rate or manual flow control
  • Environmental testing – minus 40C to plus 180C with cycling.


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FAQ: How many repeat measurements are needed to report a critical dimension?
UPC A: Three repeats and report the average as a single measurement.

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