Moulded device build


UPC have just completed our largest volume build of moulded devices for a client.  {The picture above is not the device being written about, for reasons of confidentiality.} It is amazingly satisfying to see hundred upon hundred of fully moulded and assembled devices being shipped out for testing with live drug. The rapid tooling suppliers […]

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Photron SA4 Fastcam


UPC takes delivery of a Photron SA4 Fastcam.   The latest large  pixel light sensor and very flexible software made the camera choice for us easy.   We recognise that slow motion photography enables detailed analysis of small mechanisms to be completed quickly and accurately.   The  analysis software providing automatic tracking of markers is much more powerful […]

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UPC Gliding


To Celebrate our tenth anniversary we had a wonderful gliding and BBQ day at Rattlesden Gliding club.  There were sixty odd launches by both tug and then winch during the afternoon.  It was the first time gliding for many of the guests and employees of UPC and soaring on a thermal to 11,000 ft in […]

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